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IT equipment
PC, server, laptop, printer
mainframe (AS400, RISC 6000, and so on)
storage systems (SAN, NAS, and so on)
flat screen (LED, Plasma, and so on)
Telecom equipment
PABX, IPBX, IPVPN network router, hub, WIFI equipment switch, optical amplifier
applications, software packages, OS firewalls, security systems ERP, CRM, and so on
Médical equipment
Diagnostic analysis therapy homecare...
Sound, light and video
KNS Lease is a leasing company specialized in sound, light and video equipment.

   Partner Leasing  

Benefiting from 25 years of experience in Operating Leasing, KNS LEASE has become an essential financial partner today in carrying out projects involving new technologies (IT, telecommunications, office systems, and so on).

The objective of KNS LEASE is to put its expertise to work for actors in high tech markets and be strategically positioned to provide their clients with services of proven effectiveness.

To this end KNS LEASE has given new emphasis to its partnership development policy.

  Benefits of evolving leases  

  • A 12 to 60-month lease for investments (equipment, software, and service) of €1,500 ex tax and above, without limit
  • Monthly, quarterly lease payments
  • Level-load, back-load, or front-load lease payments

  • Administrative processing managed entirely by KNS LEASE

  • From the second month your customer can add equipment by attaching a simple rider to the agreement.
  • From the sixth month the customer can replace some or all of his equipment.
  • The lease payment amounts and the agreement duration can then be smoothly adjusted to your customer’s new investment.
  • Fixed-rent evolving lease programme: the stock of equipment can change and grow with no increases in rent whatsoever.

  •   Why we offer evolving leases  

    Evolving leases are the only financing method that enables companies and public entities to benefit from the new technologies (equipment, software, and services) crucial to the growth of their activities while maintaining complete control over costs.

    Evolving leases enable you to:

  • Improve your cash position
    No more haggling with customers over settlement dates, no more drafts to follow-up, we pay your bills upon receipt.
  • Eliminate payment default risk
    A leasing and financing company becomes your main customer.
  • Make selling easy
    No longer required to make investment decisions, your customers think in terms of easy monthly payments geared to their budgets.
  • You cultivate customer loyalty
    While lease agreements are in force or when they terminate, your customers will routinely consult you on their equipment replacement needs.

    An evolving lease, a sure and economical way to foster balanced growth of your customer’s stock of equipment.

  •   The comprehensive KNS LEASE solution  
      A lease management solution that encompasses:

  • Evolving Lease arrangements, the only financing method that enables companies to benefit from the technological developments crucial to the growth of their business while maintaining complete control over costs
  • Leaseback, an option that involves selling and leasing back your equipment under an evolving lease: you thus free up capital and your rental payments are deductible.
  • Equipment Management enables you to monitor the status of your stock of equipment and know its carrying value and the equipment renewal capacity at a constant monthly budget.
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