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IT equipment
PC, server, laptop, printer
mainframe (AS400, RISC 6000, and so on)
storage systems (SAN, NAS, and so on)
flat screen (LED, Plasma, and so on)
Telecom equipment
PABX, IPBX, IPVPN network router, hub, WIFI equipment switch, optical amplifier
applications, software packages, OS firewalls, security systems ERP, CRM, and so on
Médical equipment
Diagnostic analysis therapy homecare...
Sound, light and video
KNS Lease is a leasing company specialized in sound, light and video equipment.

  Who we are
   About us  
   A forward-looking partnership   
  Develop your business. KNS LEASE will take care of the rest.  

KNS LEASE responds effectively to the needs of forward-looking companies. You feel you need to develop your business to conquer new markets?

We share a common vision.

KNS LEASE provides equipment and financing solutions geared to your specific operating and budget requirements:

  • To meet your IT, telecommunications, and medical equipment needs.
  • To finance equipment and software

    Since 2001, KNS LEASE has established itself as a key actor in leasing and financial consulting.

      Invest in high-tech equipment.  

  • You wish to invest in high-tech equipment on a fully secure basis?
  • You need suitable, competitively-priced financing?
    To respond effectively to your financing needs, KNS LEASE will put over 25 years of experience in the leasing of technological assets to work on your behalf.

    Your current and future needs are analysed in fine detail with technology-enhanced pragmatism.

    KNS LEASE’S objective is to help you meet your equipment needs without weakening your cash position. In practical terms that means we draw on our intimate knowledge of the market to analyse available technology and identify the most beneficial investment solution for you.

      A comfortable leasing solution  

    Each company has its own way of doing things. We thus scrupulously analyse and anticipate your needs in relation to your particular environment to be in a position to advise you effectively on your investment options.

  • In close cooperation with your staff, KNS LEASE analyses your needs, develops specifications geared precisely to your objectives, and works out solutions best suited to your company in terms of duration and rent.
  • We work on both the upstream and downstream sides of the project: our teams support you throughout the process and the life of the agreement to which we are mutually committed.

    KNS LEASE manages the entire leasing programme:

  • From billing to the checking of payments and following up the database
  • Carrying value and end of the agreement

    A simple to use lease process enables you to focus your efforts entirely on developing your company.

  • You are free to choose the dealers with which KNS LEASE executes the lease agreements.
  • KNS LEASE will take charge of renewing your equipment and managing it efficiently to enable you to operate with a high degree of effectiveness and reactivity.

    You will thus have at your disposal high performance equipment at the cutting edge of technology. Our commitment to serving your goals will foster close working relationships that go beyond the leasing service itself. We invest ourselves fully at your side and demonstrate by our actions that your success is of overriding importance to us.

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